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The Aduro 9 is beautifully designed freestanding stove with a rounded body and 3 curved glass panels which maximise the appearance of the flames from all corners of the room. The Aduro 9 features three air supplies for optimal combustion and the air blowing at the inner surface of the glass helps to keep the glass free from soot.

With a nominal heat output of 6kW and an efficiency rating of 81.5%, the Aduro 9 is also DEFRA approved for use in smoke controlled areas. This stove makes for a perfect freestanding centrepiece in your room and thanks to the Aduro-tronic technology, it reduces the amount of firewood you use by up to 40%.

The Aduro 9 can be used with the Smart Response system which is a downloadable app for your smart phone or tablet. This sensor box sends current combustion data to your device which gives you the advantage of reducing your firewood usage, ease of use, eco-friendly combustion and less smoke out of the chimney.

Product Details

ItemAduro 9 - DEFRA Black
Warranty:5 Years- When registered http://www.adurofire.com/warranty/
Nominal Power:6 kW
Operational Power:3-9 kW
Weight:93 Kg
Flue Diameter:150mm Top/Rear
Max Log Length:39 cm
Distance to combustibles:back 20 cm, side 70 cm
Dimensions (HxWxD):958 x 500 x 447 mm

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