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Support Plate - 125mm

Used in conjunction with the firestop plate, gives support to the flue system...

£43.36 Ex Tax: £36.13

Wall Band (Internal) - 125mm Silver

Wall Bracket offers lateral support only keeps flue 50mm from combustables..

£16.21 Ex Tax: £13.51

Stand-Off Wall Bracket - 125mm

Adjustable wall bracket offers lateral support only, the bracket can be adjusted in length from 50-3..

£17.00 Ex Tax: £14.17

Clamp Plate (2 piece)

A two piece aluminium plate used to support the liner at the top of the stack...

£8.41 Ex Tax: £7.01

Debris Plate (Spring Fix)

Debris plate, used to seal off the opening in the chimney..

£57.42 Ex Tax: £47.85

Firestop Spacer - 125mm

Firestop. Use in conjunction with a support plate. Use on the underside of combustible floors where ..

£5.63 Ex Tax: £4.69