125mm (5 inch)
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Top Clamp 125mm

Used in conjunction with the Top Plate and Top Insert Sleeve, the Top Clamp supports the weight of t..

£9.38 Ex Tax: £7.82

Top Insert Sleeve c/w Rain Cap 125 mm

Provides rain protection at the top of the stack...

£21.79 Ex Tax: £18.16

Flue Bug gas 125mm

Flue bug, a pot hanger cowl suitable to gas liner..

£37.62 Ex Tax: £31.35

Top Insert Sleeve 125mm

The top insert sleeve slides inside the flexible chimney liner at the top of the installation and is..

£8.72 Ex Tax: £7.27

Storm Collar (supplied with Sealant) - 125mm

Storm collar is used in conjunction with a roof flashing..

£12.85 Ex Tax: £10.71

Terracotta Pot Hanger c/w Rain Cap and Mesh - 125mm

The Pot Hanger with integral rain cap and bird guard not only allows the chimney liner to be install..

£51.60 Ex Tax: £43.00

Seldek - SDA101 - 50-170mm

Seldek Aluminium - installs in a flash on Tile or Slate Roofs.The SELDEK Aluminium will not stain or..

£19.58 Ex Tax: £16.32

Wall Sleeve dia 125mm Silver

This twin wall product is made of the finest materials and manufactured  by a well known compan..

£20.11 Ex Tax: £16.76