A gas liner or a gas flue liner is also known as a gas flex or oil flexible liner. These flexible flue liners are commonly made out of a single strip of 316-grade stainless steel and they are designed for naturally aspirated gas appliances. These liners are suitable for flue gas temperatures that do not exceed 260°C.

Our gas liners are for use inside masonry chimneys only and they are suitable for residential and commercial installations. Each gas liner has five convolutions between each seam and the seam is folded in three planes to provide a Triplelock seal.

If you’re looking for gas flue liners for your masonry chimney, then take a look at our range of gas liners below. We are a leading provider of gas flue liners in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and the West Midlands.

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Flue Liner 316L for Gas and Oil (316L Grade) - 125mm (5 inch)

A single skin flexible flue liner suitable for relining within a masonry chimney. Suitable for use o..

Our Price (ex VAT): £9.58 Inc VAT: £11.50

Triplelock 125mm Install Pack C Top plate / GC1 / Nose Cone


Our Price (ex VAT): £12.25 Inc VAT: £14.70

GC1 Gas Terminal WITH PLATE

Gas terminal (GC1). This type of cowl must be used to terminate a liner installed on gas fired appli..

Our Price (ex VAT): £11.02 Inc VAT: £13.22

Flue Bug gas 125mm

Flue bug, a pot hanger cowl suitable to gas liner..

Our Price (ex VAT): £33.23 Inc VAT: £39.88

Clamp Plate (2 Piece)

These 125mm flue liner clamp plates are used to seal off the top of the flue stack and provide suppo..

Our Price (ex VAT): £7.43 Inc VAT: £8.92