gas flue liners in birmingham

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Flue Liner 316L for Gas and Oil (316L Grade) - 125mm (5 inch)

A single skin flexible flue liner suitable for relining within a masonry chimney. Suitable for use o..

£10.85 Ex Tax: £9.04

GC1 Gas Terminal WITH PLATE

Gas terminal (GC1). This type of cowl must be used to terminate a liner installed on gas fired appli..

£12.48 Ex Tax: £10.40

Flue Bug gas 125mm

Flue bug, a pot hanger cowl suitable to gas liner..

£37.62 Ex Tax: £31.35

Clamp Plate (2 piece)

A two piece aluminium plate used to support the liner at the top of the stack...

£8.41 Ex Tax: £7.01