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Top Insert Sleeve c/w Rain Cap 150mm

Provides rain protection at the top of the stack...

£22.50 Ex Tax: £18.75

Terracotta Pot Hanger c/w Rain Cap and Mesh - 150mm

The Pot Hanger with integral rain cap and bird guard not only allows the chimney liner to be install..

£51.60 Ex Tax: £43.00

Top Plate 150mm

The plate measure 15 inch square (375mm) and is used in conjunction with the Top Clamp and Top Inser..

£6.32 Ex Tax: £5.27

Top Clamp 150mm

Used in conjunction with the Top Plate and Top Insert Sleeve, this will support the weight of the li..

£9.92 Ex Tax: £8.27

Top Insert Sleeve 150mm

The top insert sleeve slides inside the flexible chimney liner at the top of the installation and is..

£9.92 Ex Tax: £8.27