This is our 150mm (6 inch) flue liner adapters category.

We supply a range of 150mm flue liner adapters that are used to connect flue liners to other types of pipes. Our range of 150mm adapters include a variety of connectors for your chimney or flue system, whether you need to connect an appliance to an IL gas pipe with a draught hood connector, or if you need to convert an IL pipe into a flexible flue liner, we have a whole selection of adapters to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for 150mm (6 inch) adapters, then please take a look at our range below. We stock a variety of adapters including draught hood connectors, flue liner to IL gas pipe adapters, flexible liners to rigid single wall pipe adapters, and IL flue pipe to flexible liner adapters.

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Flue Liner to IL Adapter - 150mm

Used to convert from flexible flue liner to IL..

Our Price (ex VAT): £29.72 Inc VAT: £35.66