Twin Wall 45° Bend dia 150mm - Black
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Brand: MI-Flues
Product Code: 37-150-031

Our range of 150mm twin wall pipe bends have an angle of 45° and they are made of the highest quality materials. These 45° pipe bends have been manufactured by a reputable company, TWPro and they utilise a simple push-fit joint system which is easy to use and install. In addition, these 45° pipe bends come with a guarantee of 12 years.

This item comes with a FREE locking band.


These 45° twin wall flue pipes should only be used with gas appliances, oil appliances, and solid fuel appliances. This includes wood stoves, gas coal effect fires, oil boilers, and any other solid fuel appliances. A locking band is provided with all of the parts that require a band for safe and secure connections.

It is not recommended to connect a 45° pipe that has been powder coated directly to the outlet of a stove. The reason for this is because of the heat that is produced by the stove and it could negatively affect the powder coating.


This 150mm black twin wall pipe has an outer skin that is made with 304-grade stainless steel and it is 0.4mm thick. This is then powder coated in a high temperature finish. The inner skin of the 150mm pipe is made from 316-grade stainless steel and it is also 0.4mm thick. These black pipes use compressed rockwool as insulation which gives it a density of 128kg per cubic metre. All of the pipe parts are fully welded and the distance to combustibles should be 60mm. 


Our black pipes come with a locking band to secure the chimney parts together. Please ensure that you keep a safe distance of 60mm from the outside of the flue to any combustible materials, such as wood or plaster board.


Our range of 45° pipe bends have a diameter of 150mm and they are HETAS approved for use with solid fuel appliances. They are also CE marked.

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